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                Shanghai Inter-Rock Hardware Co., Ltd.

                Founded in 1998, Shanghai INTER-ROCK Hardware Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise that is devoted to the production and sales of interior and exterior door locks, cylinders, lock bodies and related high-quality hardware locks in accordance with European standards. The company always insists on the principle of quality first. It has been authorized by ISO 9001: 2000 and EN 1301 and also acquired lots of utility model patents and invention patents. Over 90% of products have been sold to European market and they are favored by customers at home and abroad. The company has not kept a good cooperation and signed the strategic cooperation agreements with many world-class enterprises in Germany and Russia for more than ten years. Inter-rock has thus been built as the top-grade image of international enterprise.


                Our European standard cylinder has a high quality and reliability and has been tested through the BS EN1303 testing.

                Besides abovementioned products, the company is always ready for processing according to the trader samples and models 

                at home and abroad.

                Key Differ(KD), Key Alike(KA),  Master key(MK),  Grand Master key(GMK)Knob cylinder

                Emergency Function cylinderHalf cylinderShort cylinderDouble cylinder

                Can provide

                All cylinder provide an M5 installation screw, 3 or 5 keys, and a key blank is available if the customer needs it

                factory outlet    advanced technology   quality guarantee


                No. 200 Majiazhai Road, Fengxian District, 

                Shanghai 201401 China